Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC or Pay-per-click advertisements, also known as Cost Per Click, are used to bring in traffic to websites where advertisers provide compensation to the hosting site whenever their ad is clicked. There are two models for determining how much is to be paid per click: flat-rate and bid-based rate. In both models, advertisers basically consider the value of a click from a certain source where such value is based on the type of customer that the company is targeting and the value that can be gained from his or her visit (which is usually revenue)

 “Pay per click was just the beginning. The real evolution is pay per action”

Bill Gross

If you currently have a running website or a blog and would like to earn extra profit, you can try this internet marketing method. Put in pay-per-click ads on your blog or web page and merchants will pay you a percentage every time your visitors click on them. The trick is to partner up with merchants who sell products or services related to your blog content. Most people who do not succeed with pay per click monetization fail because they look for merchants first, then build their blog or website around the need to generate click revenue.

One of the most popular PPC networks is Google Adsense. It is actually quite simple to add this to your blog. Adsense displays a number of advertisements that target a specific audience on your blog. In order to sign up for pay-per-click ads like Google Adsense, you will need to complete an online form as your official application. It’s a bit of a set up but can easily be done with little to no experience required.

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