Social Media Marketing

Arguably the most effective marketing method on my list, social media marketing is the act of marketing your business online, through social media portals such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. This allows businesses to develop a more personal and dynamic interaction and connection with their clients and potential customers.

There are many strategies when it comes to social media marketing. These range from simple, like maintaining a blog, a Facebook or Twitter account, to complex, like having a full campaign that includes scheduled blogging, social networking, tweeting, and spreading viral videos.

“The best mareting doesn’t feel like marketing”

Tom Fishburne

A key element to marketing is informing consumers what your business is, who you are and what your products are. Your social media presence is literally your company’s handshake, introducing your business and your message on a global scale. A highly recommended internet marketing technique is the use of social media to verify your business’ identity and to create business relationships with people who may not have had the pleasure of hearing of your products and/or services. Moreover, it is cheap, if not all but a free avenue that can be used by anyone who has an internet connection.

Social Media provides a platform for your customer’s voice to be heard. Use your business’ social profiles to deliver the best customer service to your clients.

Besides being an inexpensive marketing strategy for your business campaigns, this method’s true power lies in the ability to build trust in your brand. Interacting with your customers and followers is going to market your business’ values and not just the services or products you offer. You can even leverage your own social network to vouch for you especially when you’re just starting up. Consumers are way more likely to want to try your products or services if they know someone who’s had a good experience with you.

Once you have set up your business’ social profiles be sure to share these with your personal contacts first. Friends and family will help with some early likes and shares and are more likely to connect you to a sale.

This is by far my favorite marketing technique just because you get real-time feedback in the actual voice of the customer. There is no better opinion to build your business on than that of the people your business is meant for.

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