Pop-up Ads

I’m sure anyone who has already checked their email online knows what pop up ad is. These are those annoying advertisement windows that appear once you visit a website. As much as these ads may get on our nerves as they distract us from our intended mission, pop ups serve an important role. Their aim is to either to divert traffic to another source/site or to capture your leads’ contact details. As our goal is to make money from the ads we would be diverting traffic to an affiliate landing page for example.

Now in 2022, pop up ads are not the most cost efficient traffic generating option due to advancement in pop up blockers and the general notion that the customer doesnt usually want to be diverted. However, these ads, intrusive as they may seem, also have certain advantages. For one, they are much more effective than banner ads. Pop up ads pull up a 15% click through rate while the banners yield a mere 3%. Pop-up ads also are effective and boast a click through rate of 6.5%. On the other hand, since they are more effective than banner ads, pop up ads also cost you a lot more. However, the return on investment (ROI) with the use of these ads is much higher anyway, making them a still viable option. Furthermore, when this ad is the only window on the page, there will be no other images that will conflict with the brand that you are selling. This almost borders on a hypnotic effect that I’ll literally force a click.


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