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  • Building your target audience

    Building your target audience

    The essential guide to building the right audience for yor business. Up until now, my articles have been focused on the different ways in which you can market your product or business online. But since these different methods have received so much attention, I wanted to do my best to bring the actual fundamentals of…

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  • Banner Ads

    Banner Ads

    A banner ad is basically a graphic, text or an image displayed on a website that aims to promote a company’s product or service. Think of it as a billboard a visitor sees while navigating your page. The banner ad itself is actually a collection of small HTML codes, but their importance in internet marketing…

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  • Pop-Ads


    I am sure everyone is farmilir with pop-up ads. This is one marketing method that needs little, if not no introduction at all. These are those annoying advertisement windows that appear once you visit a website. As much as these ads may get on our nerves, distracting us from our mission to spend money on…

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  • Article Marketing

    Article Marketing

    Article marketing is an online advertising strategy used by many businesses to market their websites, products or services by writing short articles that are related to their industry. It is the practice of posting these keyword-focused writings on article syndication sites that have a good readership following.

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  • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is when a business rewards you (the affiliate) for the visitors or customers you refer to them. The rewards are either cash or gifts and are given for either an offer completion or site referral.

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  • Let’s make money online

    Let’s make money online

    Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing! This blog is designed to guide anyone who are new to the world of internet marketing, (IM for short). This guide will introduce you to the basic fundamentals to this lucrative industry and also provide a base knowledge of the higher-end and more complex systems used to cash…

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